Construct Your Own Compost Pile

There are so many advantages to having a compost pile in your backyard. Not only is it easy to construct, it provides excellent fertilizer for your lawn and soil and reduces waste in the landfill.d82e5910-6fb9-4704-82d9-6a0d9b3cf51f

When constructing your compost pile, start with an area that is 3 feet long by 3 feet wide. Cover the ground with straw and leaves first to form a course covering where you can begin to build your mound. Enrich your compost pile with both carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials ~ both elements are needed to maintain a working balance.

Another tip for successful composting is to activate your compost pile to help stimulate and speed up the process. With the money you will save and how awesome your yard will look, Composting is a great hobby for anyone.

Stop Hackers With These Useful Tips

With the recent Target hacking incident, many people are being extra cautious when it comes to protecting their identities.  But in an age of digital information being shared across the web, how do you protect yourself?QDSMoAMTYaZoXpcwBjsL__DSC0104-1

  • Create strong and unique passwords using upper and lower case, symbols and numbers
  • Make passwords hard to hack into and change them often
  • Use protection tools such as antivirus software
  • Be careful what you share on social networking sites

There are many advantages with the digital era we are in, but with the ever increasing social networks we are building it is important to remember to use social media wisely. Find more useful tips at RE/MAX Metro Utah.