Your Warm and Cozy Fall Checklist

Save time, hassle and money by preparing your home properly for the rigors of fall weather and old man winter. Taking care of a few little things now make a big scott-webb-59043-unsplashdifference later for you and your home. We have provided a checklist to get your home ready to tackle Fall head-on.


  • Schedule an HVAC inspection


You will want your furnace running in tip-top shape for the colder weather that is just around the corner. Ideally, a professional can inspect your heating system for noisy belts, poor performance, erratic behavior and more. You will also want to inspect and replace any return filters.


  • Check the roof


One of the worst problems to have as a homeowner is a leaky roof. Finding the source of the problem can be challenging if the dripping has already started. You will want to stop the annoyance before winter storms and ice turn into a disaster.


  • Inspect the plumbing


Bursting pipes in the middle of winter can be just as devastating as a leaky roof.  Hiring a professional ensures that the pipes are properly inspected and weather-ready for the colder months.


  • Clean gutters and downspouts


Another cause of leaky roofs is clogged gutters. With all of the falling leaves and debris that comes with Fall, you will want to keep your roof’s drainage system running smoothly by inspecting and cleaning your gutters and downspouts thoroughly.


  • Button Up


Many homes have air leaks around windows and doors similar to an unbuttoned coat. These gaps can add an extra 10 percent to your heating bill per cold month. Seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping caulk. Also consider freeze-proofing exterior faucets along with draining and winterizing your irrigation system.


  • Perform Home Safety Check


An annual Fall household ritual is the home safety check. Take this time to inspect all smoke alarms, CO2 monitors, fire extinguishers and replace batteries and other parts as needed. This also is a great time to review emergency plans and rid your house of old magazines, newspapers and other fire hazard materials.


  • Last but not least – Decorate!


After all of the inspecting and work is done, it’s time for Fall fun. One of the easiest and most fun ways to get your home ready for Fall is decorating. Decorations can transform your home from drab to fab. For a warm and cozy home all season long check out these Fall decorating tips.