Renting vs. Buying

canstockphoto18207640Have you been going back and forth about buying a home? Perhaps you’re happy renting and not sure what the benefits are of owning a home are. Or, perhaps you’re not sure you can afford to buy a home. Whatever is holding you back from homeownership, here are some factors to consider about why buying a home is the better option.

Mortgage vs. Rent. A lot of people shy away from buying a home because of the mortgage payment. For some, the uncertainty of ‘can I afford a home’ is holding them back towards homeownership. If you’re someone who isn’t sure if they can afford a home, why not take a moment to talk with your loan officer or mortgage lender. Just because you get pre-approved doesn’t mean you’re obligated to purchase a home. But the more information you have going in the better you can make a decision that moves you closer to homeownership.

Something else to consider, if you’re renting, each payment you make to your landlord is paying their mortgage. Why not get your money to work for you and start building equity?

Home Decor & Landscape. When you rent, you have less freedom to paint walls, change out light fixtures, replace flooring, and so on. Buying a home, gives you more freedom to paint walls and replace anything you don’t like. For those who enjoy working out in the yard, owning a home allows you to have your own yard where you have the freedom to plant trees, bushes, and flowers. This is great because it allows you to allow your creative juices flowing in a way that renting won’t allow.

Pride of Ownership. When you buy a home, there is a sense of pride that comes with being a homeowner—a feeling you don’t get when you’re renting. Buying home gives you something that is yours, something you can take pride in, and gives you a sense of community.

If you’ve been holding off buying a home, why wait any longer? With so many homes on the market, now is the time to start moving forward towards homeownership.

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4 Things You’ll Learn After Buying a Home

When you move into home ownership, there are some things you might not expect. Here are 4 things you’ll learn after you buy a home.


  1. Recycling & Trash. Not all cities or counties provide trash and recycling which means you’ll have to pay the government or hire a private service to pick up your trash. This service is usually not too expensive, but it may lawnmower-384589_640
  2. be an expense you hadn’t anticipated.
  1. Air filters. If you’ve lived in an apartment before buying your first home, your landlord probably changed out your air filters in both your heating and cooling systems. Filters need to be changed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  1. Yard maintenance. Many first time home buyers dream of having a big back yard, but many forget to consider the maintenance that goes into the upkeep. You have to mow the lawn, weed, trim bushes, rake leaves, and everything else that goes into yard maintenance.
  1. Furniture overload. One mistake many new homeowners make when they first move into their new home is overextend themselves on buying tons of furniture and going into credit card debt. Before you give into the urge to buy, buy, buy, take some time to live in the space. Once things have settled down you can better determine what furniture you want and what pieces you can wait on.

Homeowners, tell us below about some of unexpected things you learned after buying your first home.