4 Things You’ll Learn After Buying a Home

When you move into home ownership, there are some things you might not expect. Here are 4 things you’ll learn after you buy a home.


  1. Recycling & Trash. Not all cities or counties provide trash and recycling which means you’ll have to pay the government or hire a private service to pick up your trash. This service is usually not too expensive, but it may lawnmower-384589_640
  2. be an expense you hadn’t anticipated.
  1. Air filters. If you’ve lived in an apartment before buying your first home, your landlord probably changed out your air filters in both your heating and cooling systems. Filters need to be changed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  1. Yard maintenance. Many first time home buyers dream of having a big back yard, but many forget to consider the maintenance that goes into the upkeep. You have to mow the lawn, weed, trim bushes, rake leaves, and everything else that goes into yard maintenance.
  1. Furniture overload. One mistake many new homeowners make when they first move into their new home is overextend themselves on buying tons of furniture and going into credit card debt. Before you give into the urge to buy, buy, buy, take some time to live in the space. Once things have settled down you can better determine what furniture you want and what pieces you can wait on.

Homeowners, tell us below about some of unexpected things you learned after buying your first home.

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Sofa

small couchThere is one piece of furniture in your home that is probably the most important piece you’ll ever own, besides your bed. What is that piece? Your sofa. Choosing the right sofa is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Here are 3 tips on what to look for when picking a sofa:

  1. Check the frame. Pick a sofa that has a strong frame for a long-lasting sofa.
  2. Ask about joinery. Avoid a sofa that is held together with glue, nails, and staples. Instead pick one that has bolts, which is more solid.
  3. Test the springs. Sofas with weak springs are more inclined to sag and will become uncomfortable. Look for a sofa with springs that are close together and avoid ones without springs and are constructed of mesh.

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