Davis County’s Haunted Houses

candles-195109_640Halloween is just around the corner. Soon the allure of haunted houses and other frightful adventures will be too strong resist. Give in to temptation with these scary attractions in Davis County.

Frightmares at Lagoon

Utah’s premier destination for family friendly Halloween fun, Lagoon offers something for everyone. Their Fun House of Fear combines strange, freakish and odd. Terrors of the Past lets patrons relive old school nightmares by showcasing some of the most popular houses of the previous Frightmares. You can experience The Labyrinth, Nightmare Midway, Haunted High School, Haunted Hollywood and Deception. Another scary attraction is the Zombie Lockdown. Don’t worry the outbreak has been contained, but once you enter the prison you may never be the same. All attractions are open Fridays through Sundays 5 p.m. to close.

Haunted Kays Cross

Utah’s rated number one scariest place is opening Oct. 16. Haunted Kays Cross also made the Top 100 Scariest Places in America list. Not quite a haunted house, Kay’s Cross is a three-quarter mile haunted, wooded outdoor area. It’s $12 for Kay’s Haunt and $5 for Kay’s Tour and History. Open the 16 through the 31 from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Learn more about the legend here.

Great Room Escape

Haunted House meets mystery zombie thriller at Great Room Escape in Layton. This fully interactive, immersive experience is different than anything you have ever done before. Bring you family and friends up to 12. Enter a room with one hour to escape. Clues and riddles hidden throughout the room reveal the tools you need to get out as the clock runs out. Can you stay calm and get out before the zombies get in?

Other Halloween Events in the area:

Cherry Hill Scary Hill

Scary Hill at Cherry Hill is Halloween fun minus the haunted attractions. They offer unlimited day passes for children ages five and up for $9.99. Passes for children ages three and four are $4.99 while children two and younger are always free. Bring the whole family to enjoy Scary Hill miniature golf, bone yard tractor rides, a spooky maze, spider aeroball and much more. Scary Hill is open September 30 through Oct. 29 excluding Sundays and Halloween Day. Please visit their website for specific hours.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

This is a fun time of year, for children and adults alike. As we move closer to Halloween, many kids are preparing for a fun night of dressing up into their favorite characters and trick-or-treating. Although this is a night of excitement and spooky thrills, it is important to stay safe. This year, keep everyone safe and have a great time with these tips.

canstockphoto229719291. Plan and be mindful of your surroundings. Before heading out, plan your route so you don’t end up going too far from home. The last thing you want to do is find yourself far from home when your legs are exhausted from all that walking. Also, while you’re out, be mindful of your surroundings, staying on the sidewalks and crossing the street at street corners or at crosswalks.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. Because you’re going to be out and about, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Avoid wearing heels, sandals, and anything that can end up hurting your feet early on in the night.

3. Stay visible and avoid dark clothing. While you’re out trick-or-treating make sure kids are well-lit and visible. Put reflective tape on costumes, carry glow sticks or a flashlight, and wear light, visible clothing so people, particularly drivers, can see kids crossing the street.

4. Avoid masks. Masks can prevent kids from seeing well and can make it difficult to breathe. Instead, paint your child’s face so they can still have the effect of wearing a mask, but can see and breathe with ease.

5. Check your child’s candy before they eat it. Before your children dig into their candy, go through the candy and throw out anything that is not in it’s original wrapper, has been opened, or looks like it’s been tampered with in any way.

Want some more tips for making this Halloween safe and enjoyable? Check out these great tips. What do you love most about Halloween? Share your stories with us below.