The Hogle ZooLights

The Hogle ZooLights return this year for its 10th anniversary more sparkly and festive than ever.canstockphoto12096205 There are more than 200 lighted animal and holiday-themed displays illuminating the zoo grounds. Start your night by checking out the crowd favorite 135-foot lighted tunnel. Then take a ride on the Conservation Carousel and stop to see Santa at Macy’s Santa Station. Top the night off with a cup of hot chocolate and some shopping at the Wild Zootique.

With family friendly fun there is something for everyone at ZooLights including nightly activities. Most evenings feature fun entertainment and activities such as ice carverings, crafts, temporary tattoos, animal biography facts and so much more. Plus, all of these activities are free with admission which is $8 for adults, $6 for children ages three to 12 and free for children two and younger.

You may also want to consider ringing in the New Year with ZooLights. They offer an early countdown to involve the kids while still getting them to bed on time. The countdown begins at 9 p.m. Children attending receive a noise maker and can countdown to 2016 with the ZooLights specially lit countdown display.

ZooLights is open from Dec. 1 -31 but closed on Christmas day. Hours of operation are 5:30 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 5:30 to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.


Get In The Christmas Spirit With These 10 Classics

The holiday season is here! One of my favorite traditions with the holiday is cozying up on the couch with some of my favorite holiday movies. This holiday season, grab some popcorn and hot cocoa, and snuggle up in front of the TV with these timeless classics.snow-man-1061526_640

  1. White Christmas. There is nothing like watching Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby perform the comical, Sisters. Plus with timeless classics like I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas and Counting Your Blessings, this is a wonderful feel good movie.
  2. The Bishop’s Wife. Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young (did you know she’s a Utah native?) star in this classic Christmas movie of a man who’s lost in way. With the help of a handsome angel, can he find his way back to his purpose?
  3. Love Actually. This is a wonderful, warm, and smart film about love because love, actually, is all around. There are so many storylines going on, it’s fun to see how everyone is connected.
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas. If you’re a fan of Halloween and Christmas, this is a fun family film that combines the two. Sing along and get in touch with your inner skeleton with these classic.
  5. The Holiday. With an all-star cast—Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black—let them inspire you to take a chance and fall in love again. Set in both LA and the quaint English countryside, this film gives you the best of both worlds with heartfelt moments and laughter.
  6. Arthur Christmas. Watch as Santa’s son, Arthur, finds his place in the family-friendly film that is sure to delight the entire family.
  7. Christmas Carol (1951). Okay, there are a lot of versions out there of this film. Between musicals, muppets, and everything in between. I’m a little biased, I’ll admit it, but there is no better scrooge the Alastair Sims. He brings Scrooge to life in the best way.
  8. Christmas Story. You’ve probably heard this line, “You’ll shoot your eye out,” and with so many excellent lines from this film, it’s easy to keep quoting from this Christmas film.
  9. Miracle on 34th Street. Watching the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade is an absolute must. in our family. So it’s no wonder why this story of a girl finding her faith in Santa, a woman finding her faith in love, and Santa going on trial in one of our family favorites. There are some great versions to choose from , but my recommendation is the 1947 version with a young Natalie Wood.
  10. It’s A Wonderful Life. Another timeless classic, watch as Jimmy Stewart rediscovers that every life is important and every life touches in one way or another.
    Does your family have a favorite holiday movie? Let us know on Facebook or on the comments below.